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About Rye Gardening Services

From small acorns ...

"Back in 1995 I was made redundant from my old job as a coal man and was left wondering what the future held. My father and his father had all been gardeners and so I have always had an interest in all things botanical. It was only a matter of time before I followed in their footsteps."

"It all started from very humble beginnings - a few lawn cutting jobs here and few planting jobs there, but as word spread it wasn't just the plants that began to grow! Slowly over the years I got more and more work all around Rye and the surrounding villages. I don't have to advertise my services, word of mouth has been more than enough. I believe there is no greater recommendation than people talking about your work to their friends. I don't have to advertise, the quality of the work I do speaks for itself."

... great Oaks grow.

"Now I have over 25 gardening contracts ranging from lawn mowing to weekly full garden maintenance. I also employ a number of workers to help during the busy Summer months."

Managing Director of Rye Gardening Services.

Cut lawn with stone pathway

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